Saturday, January 19, 2008

1979 Oshkosh Motorhome on Barrett Jackson

Did you notice that Oshkosh Motorhome for sale on Barrett-Jackson!

Man that sure was a beast huh?

I thought more of about how I could use it, it might be great to bust some low lying trees in those campgrounds not maintained by owners huh?

When I saw the winning bidder of the unit, I am sure that I know him, if anyone has any idea who that guy is, he sure looks like a guy I met at the Niagara Falls KOA in Canada a few years back, he was driving a brand new Ferrari red 40 foot rig, it had a Mercedes-Benz 400 diesel in it, I think it was on a freightliner chassis, it sure drew a lot of stares and picture snappers!

I think it went for about 50 grand, it was one of those rigs that you see on the Paris-Dakar rally, and man that seemed like a steal for sure.

It might not have driven the best, but it sure would have been a head turner:)

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