Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The biggest mistakes the RV industry is making

It had to happen.....

Stupidity would finally get ahold of the RV industry.

But wait you say, its not here already?

The latest goof by the industry is the placement of 250 lbs fridges onto the slide outs. Load it up with a further 200 lbs of food, place it at the front of the slide and there you have a 450 lb bubba on your already overloaded front axle.

Not that this was bad enough, but having an almost 500 lb extra weight on your slide does nothing to make the coach stabler when in station and set up for overnighting.

The side to side swaying action is exagerated 20 times over having this much weight hanging way out there.

Oh, when its cold out, cross those fingers and toes and pray that that super heavy weight slide comes back in.

Wake up engineers, get rid of this stupid idea.


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