Saturday, February 09, 2008


This is a story that if I did not verify I would never believe it to be true.

I verified this with the front office of Daytona itself just now.

I also verified it with the Clubhouse staff also.

The clubhouse for the Lake Lloyd premium members is no more.

This was called the " Board Walk Club ", and apparently is now being called " The Camping World Community Center"

The clubhouse had 2 pool tables, 4 tv's a kitchen, outdoor tables and a bar.

Now, without notice, and still advertised as a community center for its members, the clubhouse has been converted to a retail store for Camping World.

This apparently for a 5 year term.

Never was this mentioned to the campers that have spots here, and people are pulling in as I write this fit to be tied.

Still being charged $ 3,000.00 for a spot, the community center over the years has been extensively used by its members, to host several successful parties, meet and greets, Valentines Day Socials for the ladies, the fighter pilots from 325 Fighter Wing from Tyndale have been our guests there, Fishing derbies held, Pool Tournaments, Games purchased, Internet cables purchased and donated, all by its members.

Ironically you can see posts below of the activities held in the clubhouse throughout the years.

This I can personally say is the ultimate low I have seen and feel at this moment that Nascar and Daytona has done.

People feel betrayed that Daytona advertised and still advertise this as a Community Center for use by its members, and they get here and find out they have been lied to.


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